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What is the best way to contact you?

Our technical support is available 24 hours:
Support: +49 62061883001
Other services (accounting, dealer department, etc.) are available from 9 to 17 hours and then all calls answer the technical support.

What do I need to watch Chitram TV? Can I get discount if I buy a second receiver for watching on the second TV? Can I watch Chitram TV on several TV at the same time? How can I test your TV Services before purchasing? Who will set the equipment that I'll buy in your shop or at your dealer? What are the conditions of action "invite your friend" and where should I specify the name of a friend, who recommended me to join you ? Do you have the Time Shift function to watch the broadcast delay? How can I talk personally with your leadership? Some of TV channels are lost. Why? A lot of TV channels are lost. Why? My receiver is broken. What should I do?

Sales & Support

  •   Chitram TV
  •   Germany: +49 62061883001,
  •   Worldwide: +33 975180853
  •   Europe: +33 975180853, UK: +44 2038686906
  •   USA: +1 5853266085, Canada: +1 6474798775
  •   Email: support@chitram.tv